End Of Year 5 Days of Reflection: Day 2 Love

This year I spent most of it dwelling on the reasons why certain people didn’t love me, show an interest in me or my family to the point where I felt I took those people who God strategically placed in my life to fill that void for granted. I spent the majority of the year expecting to receive love the way I gave it or expected people to show the same interest in me as I did in them. There were many times this year where I felt disappointed by certain members of my family and friends as I felt they didn’t make the same efforts I made/ make for them. 

It baffled and hurt me this year whilst trying to comprehend how complete strangers went out of their way to show us random acts of love and support (especially after we became parents) but the people who we thought would step up did not.

Until my wise husband opened my eyes to something. Just because you love someone in a certain way does not mean that they will love you the exact same way. He (and other friends) urged me to decrease my expectations because inevitably unmet expectations breeds disappointment which in result breeds resentment. It’s taken me a long time to come and accept this…actually in all honesty I’m still trying to accept this concept. 

So to all those people who have been actively present in our lives (old and new) and have made the utmost efforts to show us love and support..thank you and sorry if I/We took you for granted! Moving forward in 2017 my aim is to build meaningful relationships and ultimately  friendships to last my lifetime. I will aim not to expect anything other than what it is. Overall next year I want to show love to those who need it the most like the way certain people randomly showed me/us love when I/we needed it the most. My #Loveinaction starts in 2017! #fivedaysofreflection #2k16 #Day2Love

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