End of Year 5 Days of Reflection: Day 3 Joy

“…Joy is a decision, not a reaction to circumstances….” 

We may not be able to choose or control the circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in, but we can choose and control how we respond to those circumstances.
This statement was posted on Monday September 19th on Collate an all female whattsapp group I am apart of. It resonated with me because for the past God knows how many years I haven’t felt complete joy. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve had joyful moments, my wedding day, the birth of my son, time with certain family members and friends but for some reason I’ve felt that my joy has not been constant. After reading this statement I chose to choose joy in every situation…then October 3rd happened exactly 2 weeks to the day. A situation occurred whereby I was blamed for doing something which had absolutely nothing to do me by someone who I believe had no right to involve in the situation at hand. I flipped! Anger, resentment, hurt that I had buried for a long time resurfaced and I said a lot of things I did not mean and acted in a way that was not aligned with my new ‘zen’ self. Although I got an apology I found that I went back to my depressive state (a state I was in for a long time previously) I felt low and the only 2 reasons I was able to leave my bed was because of my 8th month old son and my 9-5. Then I read the statement again; “…Joy is a decision, not a reaction to circumstances….”. Although I was extremely hurt by the events that transpired on the 3rd of October I should never have allowed that circumstance to determine the way I felt or for those people to steal my joy and ruin my week. Therefore in 2017 I am choosing joy over everything. I can’t control other people’s actions or
circumstances I may find myself in but I will definitely choose how I respond and control how it affects me! #fivedaysofreflection #Day3Joy #2017IchooseJoy 😊😊


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