End of Year 5 Days of Reflection: Day 4 It’s Time to Leap!

​Hi! My name is Mabs the Procrastinator! I love to make an excuse at every given chance..2016 was no different. I had so many goals and targets I wanted to achieve this year but to be honest I haven’t achieved any apart from going back to work. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely proud of the fact that I went back to work, in a new school, in a new area and a different role but there were a million other things I wanted to achieve this year that I did not. Everytime I wanted to take the leap..I would make an excuse as to why my goal wasn’t achieveable or cave in to my fears hence today 29th of December I’m no step closer to what it is I wanted to achieve.

In saying all of this, this past month I started making moves towards bringing two not for profit initiatives I want to embark on in 2017 to life. I sent emails to various businesses and charities explaining what it is I want to do but only a handful came back to me congratulating me about my idea and wishing me luck but not showing much interest past pleasantries. So in typical Mabinty form I gave up! In my head it’s not worked…when in actual fact I haven’t even tried!
Moving forward to 2017 I’m going to endeavour to have more self belief and be more daring in all aspects of my life. I always let my anxiety get to me and (especially this year) use it as an excuse as to why I can’t complete things! Well no more!! 2017 I’m going to step into the most daring year of my life yet! I will take those chances and jump into unknown territory. So if you’re like me a ‘Safe Sally’ or a ‘Procrastinating Priscilla’ I encourage you to take this leap with me to achieve your goals this year. Really…think about it…What’s the worse that can happen?

4 thoughts on “End of Year 5 Days of Reflection: Day 4 It’s Time to Leap!

  1. Just stumbled across your blog while wandering around on Instagram. You’re a great writer and I enjoyed reading. And please cut yourself some slack for last year…you had a new born child, no? May God grant all of us the grace going forward to be all He has called us to be with boldness and tenacity!

    Sharon xx

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