End of Year 5 Days of Reflection: Day 5 Forgiveness

​To conclude my 5 days of Reflection I’m going to end on one of the things I find the most difficult to do…that is to forgive! Now as a major aim in 2017 is to have peace in every aspect of my life I know I can only do that by forgiving those who have hurt me. However I believe that it’s a lot easier said than done. In my heart I often tell myself and God that I have forgiven all those that have hurt me…but then…I get a flashback or the same people disappoint me (again) and the feelings of hate and resentment crop up (maybe hate is too strong of a word, I’ll say extreme dislike 😊) and I find myself under that dark cloud called misery. Sometimes in my head I am plotting ways I can get back at them or if they happen to have contacted me I’ll hit them with the truth…but not in a loving way…in a way that I know that’ll hurt them the same way they hurt me.  I always know it’s wrong but I don’t always feel bad which I know is wrong also! So moving forward in 2017 I’m going to work on forgiving all those that have hurt me. I will also work on thinking before I respond to disappointment and hurt! God knows my intention every year is this but this year it’s not just an intention it’s a prayer/ fasting point (fasting alone is a prayer point by itself! We’ll leave that for another day! 

To conclude in 2017 I’m stepping into my year of divine Faith. My year of Love in Action, My year of endless Joy, My year of unknown territories and finally my year of forgiveness and peace! What are you stepping into in 2017?

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