My Come Dine With Me Experience- Part One- My Day.

Yes..I did Come Dine With Me and I LOVED IT!! To be honest it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

To be completely honest I don’t actually remember when I applied…all I remember is that I saw a post on Facebook asking for people in and around Watford so I thought why not?!?! I applied then months later… actually on May Day to my surprise I got a call back from a producer and had a telephone interview..again to my surprise I got through! They then asked if they could come and film a ‘screen test’. They literally said be “yourself”….and I was. Three weeks passed and I got the phone call to say that I’d been picked to do the show. I was so shocked that I was speechless! If you know me you know that I am NEVER speechless (other than that time I saw Morris Chestnut)! Just like that I was going to be on T.V. Honestly I hadn’t thought about the repercussion of me being on the show until D-day…then I thought oh..Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea…it’s really happening….

Day 1 (my night)

The camera crew arrived at 9am in the morning…yes you read right…9am! Lucky for me I was dressed but had no makeup on so I delayed filming to put my face on first. Then we began filming…all I can remember is that it was a very long day! I managed to cut myself, cry and walk off in a huff and puff!! That all happened off camera! After seven hours in front of the camera I was finally allowed to get dressed and host.

When you saw me open the door it was really for the first time….those facial expressions were all one hundred percent real.


Boy was I happy to see Perdie! I honestly believed that I would get a caucasian middle class man turn up first and we’ll have to forge an awkward conversation about the weather. However Perdie and I instantly hit it off! Her smile, her warm hug and the fact that her sister-in-law was Sierra Leonean was definitely the deal breaker.


Once again, when I saw Sam I thought YESSSSSSS!! I automatically knew that he would be a lot of fun! I couldn’t help but think what a handsome man…with his gorgeous blue eyes. In saying that though, I knew he liked to be centre of attention which I thought would irritate me but actually he brought the life and soul to the party.


When I opened the door and saw Ben…it was really really awkward..we sort of did this awkward hug thing and I remember just thinking ‘Jesus take the wheel!’ I initially thought that Ben was going to be the quiet, weirdo of the group…as the night went on I LOVED him! He was so sassy and quick! My kinda person!


My starters were; Green banana cake, Chicken gizzards and Chicken wings. I was confident in my starter because everyone I know loves chicken wings and the banana cake tastes alot like a bhaji so I knew that was a winner. Okay…I always knew my gizzards were going to be controversial but it’s always good to try something new…right?

My mains were ‘African Fish and Chips’. Confession…I hate yams! I find them to be dry and slightly bitter so I really can’t tell you what had possessed me to serve them. The fish and plantain tasted good though! I was so pleased that Sam and Ben liked their meal and ate it all up!! I’ll be working on Perdie!

My dessert was coconut tamarind ice-cream with Akara. Another was my first time making this dish! Growing up I had watched my mum make hundreds of akaras but never made them myself (and haven’t made them since). Furthermore although Akara is a sweet doughnut like cake, it is traditionally eaten for breakfast with some sort of fry stew so it was definitely out of the norm to serve it for dessert and pair it with ice-cream. My biggest gamble but I guess my greatest reward because the dessert tasted good and Sam loved it! Plus my homemade ice cream tasted creamy, tamarindy  (I love tamarinds) and coconutty.

I cannot believe that my entertainment didn’t make the final cut for the show! I personally think my entertainment was the best…and no it wasn’t wearing the wigs!! I taught the other three to Shoki, Oliver twist and Shakiti Borbor (all African dance moves). We all had a great time! 
My Score.

I got a 19 out of 30! To be fair that was higher than I thought I would get and less than what I probably deserved after all my hard work. To be honest I was just happy that I introduced them to some Sierra Leone cuisine…my ultimate aim is to educate anyone and everyone who will listen about Sierra Leone. 

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my night and at the end of it (midnight) I was shattered! I was looking forward to going to the other’s homes and tasting their food!!

In case you missed it…you can check out our episode here:

Come back on Sunday for my analysis of the other’s homes and their food! Also some behind the scenes gossip!! 

As always..

Be HappyBe BrightBe You 


Mabs xx